New FIDIC report to focus on tomorrow’s transport and the decarbonisation challenge

21 May 2024

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FIDIC’s latest State of the World report is set to explore the latest trends and innovative solutions shaping the future of global transportation.

As the world intensifies its efforts to achieve sustainability goals and combat climate change, transportation will play a pivotal role and FIDIC’s forthcoming report, due for release in June, will take an in-depth look at the impact of transportation on the environment, economies and societies with a particular focus on the challenges and innovative solutions in the aviation and shipping sectors.

From sustainable aviation fuels to eco-friendly ship designs, the report, Tomorrow’s Transportation and the Decarbonisation Challenge, explores transformational changes and the launch webinar for the report on Thursday 13 June 2024 will bring together a number of industry experts to discuss decarbonisation strategies, policy implications and cutting-edge technologies.

The report will showcase real-world case studies, policy recommendations and the latest advancements. “Our goal is to empower engineers, policymakers and stakeholders to drive transformative change in transportation infrastructure,” said FIDIC’s head of policy, ESG and sustainability and report author, Basma Eissa.

As well as offering an overview of transportation’s global impact on climate change, the report will also focus on sustainable aviation and the fuels of the future, sustainability in shipping and marine transportation, eco-friendly port and marine infrastructure, policy frameworks and regulation in transportation and also include a number of case studies that highlight success stories of nature-positive solutions in transportation.

In addition, the report will also discuss some of the technological, financial, and regulatory challenges, the innovations and collaborations shaping the future, FIDIC’s role in facilitating global engineering dialogue for sustainable solutions and also the key importance of cross-sectoral partnerships in achieving global decarbonisation goals.

The launch webinar is free to attend and takes place on Thursday 13 June 2024 at 12 noon CET. The State of the World report will be available for download to all attendees at the webinar.

Click here to register to attend Tomorrow’s Transportation and the Decarbonisation Challenge.

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