New FIDIC report to examine tomorrow’s sustainable energy systems

18 Oct 2023

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FIDIC’s latest State of the World report to be launched next week will take a look at the evolving global energy landscape and examine what the sustainable energy systems of the future will look like and how they will operate.

The new report will be launched at an online event on 26 October 2023 entitled Developing tomorrow’s sustainable energy systems: Building a world that delivers the best of grids, generation and complex energy solutions. The launch webinar, which is sponsored by Schneider Electric, and the new report, Developing Tomorrow's Sustainable Energy Systems, will explore the future of sustainable energy systems, delve into the evolving energy landscape and highlight the pressing need for change to meet the UN sustainable development goals and achieve global net zero targets.

The lineup of expert speakers at the launch webinar includes the following: -

  • Harry Stockman, DC Expert, DC Systems (Netherlands).
  • Ahmad Makkieh, DC Business Development Leader, Schneider Electric. (Scotland).
  • Luigi Pellegrino, BESS Power Devices Manager, Hitachi (Italy).
  • Catherine Karakatsanis, President, FIDIC (Canada).
  • Dr Nelson Ogunshakin, CEO FIDIC (Switzerland).
  • Graham Pontin, Director of Policy, External Affairs and Communications, FIDIC (United Kingdom).

The report will also examine the historical ‘war of currents’ and its impact on energy markets and explore the role of power grids in integrating renewable energy sources. The new State of the World report will also uncover the resurgence of DC systems and their potential to revolutionise energy generation while recognising that many areas of the globe are facing differing challenges. Some face the renewal of old infrastructure and the potential of having to integrate and mix systems to provide an optional and financeable outcome. Other areas of the global face the decision of whether they should develop new energy systems infrastructure at scale to provide the economic growth and development communities need.

The Developing Tomorrow's Sustainable Energy Systems report also considers the role of government policy in the delivery of energy systems. While the UN sustainable development goals provide an overarching medium-term target for greener energy, it is left to regional and national policy makers to design the tools and policies that encourage the right market signals for investors and those in the infrastructure sector.

Don’t miss out on valuable insights and recommendations for a greener, more sustainable future. Join the conversation and be part of the change by registering for this free online launch event.

Click here to register for the Developing tomorrow’s sustainable energy systems launch event.

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