FIDIC publishes hard copy version of its new contracts guide

09 May 2023

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FIDIC has published a hard copy version of its new contracts guide to complement the currently available electronic version which was released to support the reprints of a number of key FIDIC construction contracts published at the end of last year.

The hard copy version of the FIDIC 2017 Contracts Guide 2nd Edition 2022 offers a comprehensive and practical overview of FIDIC’s suite of contracts and outlines key, detailed clause-by-clause guidance on the use of these industry leading documents. Publishing the guide in hard copy fulfils the needs of those stakeholders who prefer to use the book forms of FIDIC’s contract documentation and is expected to be widely used in the industry.

The guide should be used alongside the 2022 Reprints of the 2017 Red, Yellow and Silver Books, which were launched by FIDIC in November 2022 to take on board industry feedback and to improve the use of the contracts in practice so helping to keep FIDIC’s industry construction contracts relevant and easy to use in a changing industry landscape.

Both the new guide and the reprinted contracts, with amendments, have benefited from the skilled input of the members of the FIDIC contracts committee, as well as feedback from other legal and contractual experts and users from across the contracts landscape. The guide is available for order from FIDIC’s website and costs €330.

Click here to order copies of the FIDIC 2017 Contracts Guide 2nd Edition 2022, selecting hard copy from the drop-down menu.

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