FIDIC statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

15 Mar 2022

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It is with the greatest sadness and deep concern for the people of the Ukraine that we have observed the Russian government’s military action in Ukraine.

This war is causing death and injury to the people of Ukraine as well as trauma, family separation and homelessness for many of its citizens and the destruction of peoples’ homes and their livelihoods. The Russian military invasion will also damage the critical infrastructure on which the people of Ukraine and its economy rely.

FIDIC totally condemns this action by Russia against Ukraine and calls for the immediate cessation of this war. Such military action is totally contrary to FIDIC’s objectives and the values our members stand for and uphold. We express our complete solidarity with Ukraine’s people and all those who are suffering from this totally unacceptable war. We hope and pray for the people of Ukraine and hope that hostilities will end immediately, so that the country can move forward with the help of the international community as it rebuilds its shattered infrastructure and people’s lives.

Our priority now is to support the humanitarian aid operation for the people of Ukraine and we will shortly publish more information about this.

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE

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