Conference to focus on governance and leadership in a post-Covid world

10 Jun 2021

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FIDIC’s annual International Infrastructure Conference takes place online again this year on Friday 10 and Monday 13 September. The conference, Investing in future infrastructure - governance and leadership in a post-pandemic world, will look at the critical global need for high-quality and sustainable infrastructure in the context of a world coming out of the Covid crisis.

The event will consider the challenges faced by both the public and private sectors in developing successful projects and maintaining high-performing infrastructure assets in a rapidly changing world of digitisation, energy transition, climate change, geo-politics and growing societal needs. The conference will hear from leading keynote speakers who will address the planning, funding and delivery of sustainable infrastructure as well as examining the leadership – business, industry and political – needed to make it happen.

FIDIC’s annual conference provides a forum for high-level discussion and debate and this year’s event will offer perspectives for a way forward to enable the industry to continue to thrive in the months and years ahead as the world emerges from the Covid pandemic.

The Covid crisis has revealed that more than ever before, high-quality and sustainable infrastructure is needed globally. To create a better future for citizens globally, international infrastructure and societies benefit from good governance in planning and funding the successful delivery of infrastructure and also good leadership in developing a culture of integrity, sustainability and inclusion.

Topics at the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference will include best practice in funding, planning, value design, successful delivery of mega-projects and the revitalisation of assets to improve the lives of global citizens. As always, the event is set to be a must-attend for global construction professionals and the issues under discussion are sure to be of interest to all those active in the industry.

Key conference sessions on each of the two days are outlined below.

Friday 10 September 2021  

Keynote - Delivering sustainable global infrastructure in a changing world  

In an ever-changing world and with global issues like climate change to address, it is clear that infrastructure in the future will need to be sustainable. Our future roads, buildings, energy and water infrastructure will all need to be developed with due consideration to their economic, social and environmental implications. Society demands nothing less and the industry will need to step up to the plate to deliver.

Planning strategic infrastructure and paying for it  

Global infrastructure is big business and around the world it is being delivered and financed in a variety of ways. But what works best and how can we learn from the diverse international experience? Global players will discuss best practice in the planning and financing of infrastructure at this interactive session.

Funding infrastructure - what works, what doesn't and what should the industry aim for?  

There are a variety of funding mechanisms for infrastructure in the market. Some work better than others, some are tried and tested and have stood the test of time. This session will look at what works best and whether the industry should be advocating for a particular funding route to aid more efficient delivery.

How can we make global infrastructure truly sustainable?  

Green investment policy experts will discuss how best to make the world’s infrastructure truly sustainable and convince citizens that well planned and run projects can safeguard the planet for future generations.

Monday 13 September 2021  

Keynote: Infrastructure governance and leadership in a post pandemic world  

As the world’s population rises and people live in more concentrated numbers in global cities, how can major and mega projects be delivered more efficiently and be attractive to investors? What qualities will infrastructure project leaders need in a post-Covid world? Consultants and procurement experts discuss the key issues and work out solutions.

Delivering and managing capital projects more efficiently   

As the world’s population rises and people live in more concentrated numbers in global cities, how can major and mega projects be delivered more efficiently and be attractive to investors? Consultants and procurement experts discuss the key issues and work out solutions.

Assessing the risk on major projects and minimising and resolving disputes  

As a result of their size, scale and complexity, major projects are often the riskiest undertakings. How best can project partners assess the risk, minimise disputes and solve them quickly and fairly when they arise? What is the role of contracts and how might these need to change in the future? Consultants, insurers, funders and legal experts share their views and highlight best practice in global contract management.

Sustainable investment for the long term  

The Covid crisis has created one of the greatest health and economic challenges seen for a century, if not more. The pandemic has also demonstrated how the mix of infrastructure that we rely on in day-to-day life can change very rapidly. The need for healthcare resilience has increased significantly, railways and roads were replaced with the need for broadband infrastructure and congested urban centres worldwide suddenly needed more green space. Investing sustainably for the long term will be a key priority for the future and this session will discuss the key issues the industry and global leaders need to consider.

A detailed programme for the event will be available very soon, but you can register your interest to attend the conference at the link below.

Click here to register your interest in attending the 2021 FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference.

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