Webinar to look at Covid lessons from health infrastructure

28 Jan 2021

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FIDIC’s Covid-19 Webinar Series 2021 kicks off next week, with an event looking at the lessons to be learned for the construction sector from how health infrastructure has performed during the Covid pandemic. The webinar “Has health infrastructure taught construction a lesson?” takes place on Tuesday 2 February 2021 at 12 noon CET and is a must-attend for all global construction professionals.

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted that the resilience of infrastructure is important, but when investment decisions are made resilience is not always at the forefront of investors’ minds. In the area of investment in health infrastructure, prior to the pandemic was it enough? During the pandemic has it been enough? Has the investment subsequently made been done in a way that will benefit all citizens? And what will society and the general public demand of health services after the pandemic is over and what infrastructure will be needed to support that?

This webinar will look at how the construction sector can learn from the lessons of the Covid pandemic and will seek answers to some key questions, including the following: -

  • Has a global underinvestment in public and private health systems been exposed by the Covid pandemic?
  • Has Covid changed the profile of future investment into health infrastructure? Do we need more socially integrated solutions? More vaccination, production and R&D facilities?
  • Have multilateral development banks and international financial institutions moved swiftly enough to aid investment during the Covid pandemic? What lessons have we learned?
  • As the confusion begins to clear with regards to living in a new drastically altered landscape, what significant opportunities are likely to emerge? Can technology solutions aid teaching and healthcare in new ways like it has in the services sector? Can professional services firms help with any transition?
  • What lessons have been learnt about the various approaches of governments, the private sector and consumers across the globe?  If we were to 're-run' the last 18 months what would we have done differently?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by attending this webinar on Tuesday 2 February 2021 at 12 noon CET.

Click here to reserve a free place at the FIDIC webinar, “Has health infrastructure taught construction a lesson?”

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