FIDIC launches new Strategic Plan for 2020-2024

09 Sep 2020

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FIDIC has launched a new and improved Strategic Plan following consultation with stakeholders. The last Strategic Plan was set in May 2017 and placed FIDIC on a trajectory which involved significant change. This change has already produced positive results; however, it is vital that such momentum is maintained. 

FIDIC has not only reflected on the successes of recent years, it has also consulted with member associations and wider stakeholders to develop a new Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. The consultation undertaken by FIDIC as part of the development of this plan shows that issues continue to arise that are similar to previous years, on committee communication, transparency advocacy and lobbying etc. 

The new Strategic Plan demonstrates FIDIC’s corporate and governance commitment to itself, its members and stakeholders and importantly sets expectations for its activities. The plan will for the first time place a greater emphasis on FIDIC’s priorities, with goals and outcomes and their effects on industry, member associations and wider industry all considered. The new 2020-2024 Strategic Plan takes an outcome-based approach and, following consultation, FIDIC has developed ten headline areas as follows:

  1. Service delivery 
  2. Secretariat and regionalisation
  3. Integrity 
  4. Contracts 
  5. Credentialing
  6. FCCE and China 
  7. Sustainability
  8. Technology 
  9. Quality 
  10. CEO Club and advocacy 

Across each of these headline areas, FIDIC has defined five key goals, which are then considered against the following benchmarks: -

  • The main actors they affect (FIDIC, the industry and member associations)
  • FIDIC’s main priorities (if goals do not meet our overarching priorities such activity should be reassessed)
  • Current performance (provides a view on FIDIC’s current activity)
  • Timeline and targets (outlines timelines and ambitions over the Strategic Plan)

As well as the main plan being published in report format with substantive information, it can also be divided into various sections which are of interest to different stakeholders. There are also overviews, where the details of the plan can be seen quickly and easily. FIDIC has also produced several appendices which outline FIDIC’s performance against its last corporate plan, financial projections over the plan period and a detailed explanation of how the goals are affected across the various stakeholders, members and FIDIC itself.

This Strategic Plan therefore begins the 2020-2024 period in an ambitious way, by providing a greater degree of transparency on FIDIC’s goals and how they align with the organisation’s overarching priorities and helps to ensure FIDIC is accountable and maintains the quality of its delivery of the new plan.

Click here to download the FIDIC Strategic Plan 2020-2024.

Download here an assessment of FIDIC’s performance against its last corporate plan.

Download here the financial projections over the plan period.

Download here an explanation of how the goals are affected across FIDIC’s various stakeholders.

Download here the summary of the consultation that occurred with various FIDIC stakeholders.

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