Guidelines for National Lists


Except in the case of the President's List of Adjudicators, FIDIC will refer any request for adjudicators or experts to a national list. Interested parties would have to make their own choice from the persons listed, based on the information provided. Neither FIDIC nor the Member Association should recommend or suggest any particular person. FIDIC Member Associations are urged to inform the FIDIC Secretariat about their lists and about how they will ensure that the persons listed are suitably qualified.


A Member Association will generally aim to establish its list or lists and other information on its website in the language or languages of the country. FIDIC recommends that for the convenience of international users, national lists and the information they would contain (including CVs, etc.) should also be available in the English language. It would generally be expected that an adjudicator listed on a national list would be able to manage and implement a FIDIC contract in English.


The utility of a national list will depend upon the amount of information provided about each person listed. Those listed should be encouraged to provide standardised data and a curriculum vitae (CV) which are kept up to date and include relevant experience which is easily available to anyone who wishes to access adjudication services.


Users of national lists will expect that the persons listed are highly qualified. Associations should therefore establish a suitable form of quality control for lists. This should include an assessment system for applications for listing. As a minimum, the assessment should require:

  • documented proof of claimed qualifications and publications
  • references from member firms in support of the application
  • supplemented where feasible
  • a personal interview of the applicant by the persons designated by the association to decide upon applications for listing.

It is also to be expected that some form of assessment of preselected candidates for admission to a national list would be organised by the member association. Member Associations if they require assistance with this process can contact FIDIC for assistance. The association should establish a system to avoid continued listing of persons who are no longer available for assignments and maintain up to date details to ensure the lists validity.


Member Associations are advised to make clear on their lists that users should make direct contact with listed adjudicators and undertake a personal assessment of their suitability for the prospective assignment. While a national list is intended to be of assistance to a wide range of potential users, an association cannot accept responsibility or liability in respect of services by a listee. Legal advice on suitable wording is recommended.


recommends that persons available for service on Dispute Adjudication Boards established under FIDIC contracts are placed on a separate List of Adjudicators for FIDIC contracts (see Section 7). For the convenience of users where adjudicators are experienced in FIDIC contracts we would recommend listing these separately. Unless the number listed is large, FIDIC recommends against grouping the members of a list based upon the criteria listed in the FIDIC application process.


national Member Associations will decide upon admission criteria. The FIDIC guidelines can be summarised as follows:

  • be an employer or a retired employer of a member firm
  • possess appropriate academic and/or professional qualifications as an engineer or equivalent professional qualifications
  • has at least 10 years' experience within a consulting engineering or engineering firm operating within the built and natural environment
  • possess detailed knowledge of FIDIC consultant-client agreements and FIDIC works contracts
  • possess good interpersonal and communication skills - has the ability to be partial and objective
  • maintains adequate professional indemnity insurance
  • has excellent spoken and written language capabilities in the language of the country
  • provides evidence of ongoing commitment to the requirements of a continuing education programme


The procedures for admission to the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators prove a good basis for developing admission procedures for a national list.