International and National Lists of Adjudicators

International List

FIDIC maintains an international FIDIC President List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators.

FIDIC's Arbitrators and Mediators/Experts lists ended in 1999 (information on the Mediators/Experts Lists; information on the Arbitrators List). These lists are made available during the creation of national Adjudicator Lists that would be maintained by FIDIC Member Associations according to FIDIC Guidelines for National Adjudicator Lists (see below) .

At present, persons seeking an expert for arbitration and mediation are asked to search the Adjudicators List or the former Arbitrators and Mediators/Experts Lists:

National Lists

FIDIC is pleased to note that some FIDIC Member Associations have established, or plan to establish, national lists of adjudicators, arbitrators, mediators and experts. Such lists are very helpful for people seeking dispute resolution services from both inside and outside a country. FIDIC encourages the development, especially the creation of lists of persons suitable for serving on a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) established under a contract using FIDIC Conditions of Contract that call for a DAB.

Except in the case of the President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators, FIDIC will refer any request for adjudicators, arbitrators and mediators/experts to a national list. Interested parties would have to make their own choice from the persons listed, based on the information provided. Neither FIDIC nor a Member Association will recommend or suggest any particular person from those listed.

An overview of National Lists available, with links if they are available, will be maintained on the FIDIC website. Associations are kindly asked to inform the FIDIC Secretariat about their lists and about how they ensure that the persons listed are suitably qualified.

Guidelines for creating national lists based upon FIDIC's experience are summarised below, in the hope that they will help Member Associations establish lists which are intended for international use.

National lists are:

- France (SYNTEC-INGENIERIE) List * - Germany (VBI) List * - Hungary (AHCEA) List - Poland (SIDR) List - Romania (ARIC): Contact Bogdan Oprea - South Africa (SCAACE) List Course - Sri Lanka (ACESL) List - UK (ACE) in formation Course - Japan (AJCE) List *

* Successful candidates were examined by the “Adjudicator Guidelines” that reflect the “FIDIC Guidelines for National Lists”