Sustainability in the spotlight at FIDIC ASPAC 2019 in New Delhi

12 Jun 2019

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FIDIC’s Asia-Pacific members will gather in New Delhi from 7-9 July 2019.

Sustainable infrastructure will take centre stage at the FIDIC ASPAC 2019 international conference in New Delhi from 7-9 July when delegates at this annual event discuss and debate the main conference theme of Quality Infrastructure for Clean and Sustainable Development.

ASPAC represents the consulting engineering industry in the Asia and Pacific region group of FIDIC member associations and the event in New Delhi is expected to attract participants from ASPAC’s 22 member countries. The annual conference encourages regional cooperation amongst member associations by sharing and increasing knowledge on the different infrastructure requirements of each country and by discuss and debating key issues.

This year’s conference theme of Quality Infrastructure for Clean and Sustainable Development is particularly relevant given that many ASPAC member associations are investing significantly in infrastructure development not only with their own financial resources but also with funding from MDBs. The conference will provide FIDIC member associations inside and outside of the region with a platform to share views and ideas and network.

Infrastructure development is happening at an accelerated pace in India and in many countries in the region. Host association, the Consulting Engineers Association of India invites key players from across the world to come to the New Delhi conference to explore potential business opportunities and to build partnerships.

The conference theme is expected to cover the most important issues and challenges for infrastructure development with a key focus on implementing optimal solutions to ensuring quality and sustainability. The packed conference programme includes sessions on Infrastructure Industry Revolution, Urban Mobility, Coastal and Marine Development, Energy and Quality of Life, Technological Developments, Regional Business Opportunities and a Young Professionals Forum.

International Conference
Quality Infrastructure for Clean and Sustainable Development
7-9 July 2019
New Delhi, India

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