Official Launch of the 2017 FIDIC Suite of Contracts

FIDIC was proud to launch officially the much anticipated 2017 FIDIC Suite of Contracts at the FIDIC International Users' conference in London in December 2017. This event celebrated a defining moment for the global construction industry involved with FIDIC. A record 320 experts from 35 countries joined the lively discussions to gain understanding of the new suite's capabilities in managing major projects and resolving disputes. This edition succeeds the previous Rainbow suite of contracts and continues to serve as the pre-eminent standard form contracts between the employers and the contractors in the international scene of construction and engineering projects.

The new versions of the FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book constitute updates of the former editions from 1999, which can still be used by the industry. All three contracts have been significantly amended with the main goal to increase clarity and certainty. These amendments should lead to fewer disputes and more successful projects. Underlying this overarching aim, is the recognition of a need to reflect current best practice and the issues raised by users over the past 18 years. 

A key theme of the Second Edition is the increased emphasis on dispute avoidance. The Second Editions are much more comprehensive, spanning more than 200 pages each and containing 21 Clauses. The additional length is the consequence of more prescriptive provisions, with greater clarity, transparency and certainty being achieved by setting out in detail the step-by-step requirements on the employer, contractor and the engineer during the course of a project. An official summary of the key differences in the 2017 suite has been prepared by the FIDIC Contracts Committee.

In addition, to the Yellow, Red and Silver books, an updated FIDIC White Book which is intended for consultancy/advisory services was published in the spring of 2017. FIDIC also offers a wide variety of other standard contracts.