FIDIC Adjudicator Details

International Client Manager

Christiaan  Grosskopf

  Country of residence: Thailand

  Citizenship: South Africa


Countries with experience

Other countries with experience:

Global regions

  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Middle East
  • North Africa
  • Sub Sahara Africa
  • Pacific

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Afrikaans

Construction contract experience

  • Construction Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Red Book)
  • Construction Contract, MDB Harmonised Ed, June 2010
  • EPC/Turnkey Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Silver Book)
  • Construction Contract 2nd Ed (2017 Red Book)
  • Plant and Design-Build Contract 2nd Ed (2017 Yellow Book)
  • EPC/Turnkey Contract 2nd Ed (2017 Silver Book)
  • Plant & Design-Build Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Yellow Book)
  • Conditions of Contract for Underground Works (2019 Emerald book)

Consultancy contract experience

  • Client-Consultant Agreement (White Book), 4th Ed 2006

Specialist contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

Other contract experience

  • Dams and Hydro projects
  • Tunnels and underground works

CV - Services offered

  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • Conciliation
  • Facilitator
  • Contract Expert/specialist
  • Independent expert

Technical expertise

  • Airports - air-side
  • Building - industrial
  • Civil Engineering - River & Flood Control
  • Civil Engineering - Tunnelling and piling
  • Civil Engineering - Dams and reservoirs
  • Construction law
  • Defence
  • Energy & Power - Fossil Fuel Systems
  • Energy & Power - Hydro Systems
  • Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges
  • Metals and Mining
  • Waste Disposal - Solid Waste Management
  • Waste Disposal - other
  • Water - Water Supply
  • Water - Water Treatment
  • Waste Water - Treatment and Pumping Plant
  • Other Mining related construction
  • Claims and variations

  • Extension of time
  • Project scheduling
  • Other Project Management and Administration

Short summary experiences

Christiaan Grosskopf is a civil engineer with nearly 40 years' experience. He is a registered International Professional Engineer (under the IEA Agreement), a Fellow of the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners (ICCP), a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and a member of the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE). Christiaan has spent a substantial part of his career managing large infrastructure projects in various parts of the world. He has worked in Southern Africa for about 14 years before branching out the international arena and worked on projects in Libya, Middle East, Pakistan, Ethiopia as well as in Southeast Asia. He understands the challenges and potential pitfalls that the Parties face during the construction phase of projects and is currently concentrating on dispute avoidance and resolutions. After many years of Project and Construction Management, he is now concentrating on dispute avoidance and resolutions through the life cycle of construction projects. He is a vivid supporter of the FIDIC suite of contracts and the approach of balanced risk distribution to assist in proper management and dispute avoidance and resolutions on projects. He is actively involved in training and awareness campaigns of the positive role that Dispute Boards can play in avoiding and resolving disputes in projects.

Position and experience

Acredited mediator: No
Acredited arbitrator: Yes

Employment status:
Present position: ADR Practitioner
Previous positions: Contracts/Claims Advisor for the Employer/Employer's Representative - Koysha HPP (1 800 MW) in Ethiopia, Contracts and Claims Advisor/Manager for the Contractor - Dasu HPP (2 100 MW) in Pakistan, Procurement Specialist for the Engineer - Upper Arun HPP (1 060 MW) in Nepal, PM for the design and construction of the Nam Kong 3 HPP (53 MW) in Laos, CRE for the construction of Xayaburi HPP (1 285 MW) in Laos, CRE for the construction of the Genale Dawa 3 HPP in Ethiopia, PM for the design review and construction of the Neelum Jhelum HPP (965 MW) in Pakistan


  • Dispute avoidance on selection of hydropower
  • roads and other infrastructure projects
  • Mediation between parties on a selection of dam projects
  • Adjudication on tunnels
  • Adjudication on roads and bridges
  • Adjudication on hydrocarbon installations


  • Fellow of the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners (FICCP) – (200010)
  • Member of the Dispute Resolutions Board Foundation – (DB004229)
  • Member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) – (202000405)
  • Member of Steering Committee for the ICCP

Panel listings

  • SAICE – President's List of Adjudicators & Arbitrators
  • THAC – Panel of Arbitrators
  • CIICA – Panel of Arbitrators

Qualifications, jurisdiction and discipline

  • FIDIC Certified Adjudicator
  • Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb) – (6078574)
  • Certified International Project Manager (CIPM™) – (115782)
  • Registered International Professional Engineer (IPEA) – (20046005ZA)
  • Registered Professional Engineer (South Africa) – (870576)