FIDIC Adjudicator Details

International Client Manager

Ciaran  Fahy

  Country of residence: Ireland

  Citizenship: Irish



Countries with experience

Other countries with experience:

Global regions

  • East Europe
  • Sub Sahara Africa

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French

Construction contract experience

  • Construction Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Red Book)
  • Plant & Design-Build Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Yellow Book)

Consultancy contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

Specialist contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

Other contract experience

  • Red Book 4th Edition
  • Orange Book 1st Edition

CV - Services offered

  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation

Technical expertise

  • Airports - terminals and support
  • Building - commercial
  • Building - industrial
  • Building services - Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
  • Building services - lighting/electrical
  • Civil Engineering - Site Investigation
  • Civil Engineering - Foundations and Subsidence/Settlement
  • Civil Engineering - Land Drainage & Dewatering
  • Civil Engineering - River & Flood Control
  • Civil Engineering - Tunnelling and piling
  • Civil Engineering - Retaining Walls
  • Civil Engineering - other
  • Construction law
  • Cost engineering (QS)
  • Energy & Power - other
  • Road and highways - Planning, Layout and Design
  • Road and highways - other
  • Water - drainage and sewerage
  • Water - Water Supply
  • Water - Water Treatment
  • Water - Sewerage
  • Water - Sewage Treatment
  • Water - Flooding and Drainage
  • Waste Water - Treatment and Pumping Plant
  • Waster Water - treatment/distribution
  • Claims and variations

  • Extension of time
  • Defects
  • Construction accidents

Short summary experiences

The bulk of my work since 2010 has been acting as conciliator in construction contracts in Ireland – mainly using the Irish government form of contract (PWC). This leads to a binding, but not final, recommendation, subject to the lodgement of a bond. In the past 2 years the practice has been to appoint a standing conciliator to the larger projects and I have been involved in a number of these; I am currently engaged on 7 projects including the €900 million New Children's Hospital._x000D_ Over the years I have acted as arbitrator in some 20 disputes. These were generally relatively small, less than €1m, and not all of them were construction._x000D_ I have acted as mediator in some 25 disputes some of which were multi-party disputes. I have generally acted as sole mediator but I have acted as co-mediator. The bulk of the disputes were construction and, while some were small matters, several arranged in value between €5m and €10m while one was approximately €15m._x000D_ I have acted as expert on some 10 disputes. Many of these were small 3 of these, construction related, were in the range €5m to €10m._x000D_ I have acted as adjudicator in some 10 disputes. 3 of them were in relation to the Irish single electricity market in order to resolve disputes arising from the capacity market option. The issues related to points of principle/interpretation rather than monetary disputes; work was done by three-person panel and in each case I chaired the panel.

Position and experience

Acredited mediator: Yes
Acredited arbitrator: Yes

Employment status:
Present position: N/A
Previous positions: Full-time 3rd party neutral since 2009, 1985 – 2006 in private practice in own name. Extensive experience as expert witness and civil engineering work, 1971 – 1985 worked as engineer in contracting, local authorities and consultancy in including 2 years in France/Belgium., , , , , , ,


  • Arbitrator in some 20 disputes
  • Conciliator in approximately 50 disputes
  • Mediator in some 25 disputes
  • Expert determination
  • as expert
  • in approximately 10 dispute
  • Adjudicator in approximately 10 dispute
  • Standing Conciliator currently on 7 contracts


  • Chair of Engineers Ireland Dispute Board 2009 – 2015
  • Chair CIArb Irish Branch 2008 – 2009
  • ICC Commission on Arbitration since 2010
  • CIArb Practice and Standards Committee since 2015
  • Chair of Engineers Ireland Ethics Board 2007 – 2009

Panel listings

  • Panel of Arbitrators at Engineers Ireland
  • Panel of Arbitrators Law Society of Ireland
  • Panel of Arbitrators CIArb Irish Branch
  • Panel of Arbitrators Construction Industry Federation (CIF)
  • Panel of Conciliators Engineers Ireland
  • Panel of Conciliators CIArb Irish Branch
  • Panel of Conciliators CIF
  • Panel of Adjudicators Irish Single Electricity Market
  • Panel of Irish Government Adjudicators

Qualifications, jurisdiction and discipline

  • BE in Civil Engineering University College Dublin (UCD) 1971
  • MBA Trinity College Dublin 1975
  • Diploma in Arbitration Law UCD 1999
  • Diploma International Arbitration Law UCD 1999
  • Chartered EngineeraAnd Fellow of Engineers Ireland
  • Registered Professional Consulting Engineer
  • Chartered Arbitrator and FCIArb
  • Accredited Mediator with CIArb