FIDIC Adjudicator Details

International Client Manager


  Country of residence: Romania

  Citizenship: Romanian


Countries with experience

Other countries with experience:

Global regions

  • East Europe
  • West Europe

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Romanian

Construction contract experience

  • Construction Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Red Book)
  • Plant & Design-Build Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Yellow Book)

Consultancy contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

Specialist contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

CV - Services offered

  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Facilitator
  • Contract Expert/specialist
  • Independent expert

Technical expertise

  • Airports - other
  • Building - domestic
  • Building - commercial
  • Building - industrial
  • Building services - Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
  • Building services - lighting/electrical
  • Building services - Gas
  • Building services - water
  • Civil Engineering - Retaining Walls
  • Civil Engineering - other
  • Construction law
  • Geotechnics and foundations
  • Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges
  • Irrigation and Land Reclamation Manufacturing and Process Plant
  • Marine and ports
  • Metro railway and stations
  • Road and highways - Planning, Layout and Design
  • Road and highways - bridges and car parks
  • Road and highways - other
  • Rail - Infrastructure Engineering and Maintenance
  • Rail - Signalling and Communications
  • Rail - Track Engineering and Construction
  • Rail - other
  • Waste Disposal - Solid Waste Management
  • Water - drainage and sewerage
  • Water - Water Supply
  • Water - Water Treatment
  • Water - Sewerage
  • Water - Sewage Treatment
  • Waste Water - Treatment and Pumping Plant
  • Waster Water - treatment/distribution
  • Claims and variations

  • Extension of time
  • Defects
  • Technical issues

Short summary experiences

Senior adjudicator with over a decade long proven experience in adjudicating multi-millions’ euro disputes in local / international contracts summing over 1.5 billion euros in total value. Throughout the years interacted with large number of highly reputed law firms, based on the ability to understand complex legal characteristics and describe technical aspects in a legal/ contractual friendly language. Managed transport sector projects and policies, within the context of Romania access to the EU Membership roadmap. Worked with both state and private companies, both at local and international level._x000D_ Acted as adjudicator in various disputed cases, related to either contractual/ juridical or technical matters in the field of metro lines (including signaling and telecommunications), motorways, airport, irrigations, waste management, etc. Professional expertise was doubled by the ability to understand and benchmark opinions versus complex legal aspects, in a plain business/ technical language able to be digested by the opponent parties. Built professional trust and acceptance from all relevant stakeholders through social and communication skills used to unveil communication channels for improving fact findings’ acceptance._x000D_ As Arbitral Tribunals’ / Courts’ appointed Designated Expert, assessed all contractual and technical issues in order to provide the documented opinion used in making the final decisions. Also appointed as Party Expert in several arbitration cases (maritime port, roads, railways - including signaling, telecommunications and civil works - as well as water supply works), overpassing 500-million-euro mark._x000D_ Professional expertise includes as well contracts’ management (mainly in regard of contentious issues), in projects totaling 1-bn-euro worth. _x000D_ Acquired expertise incorporates deep knowledge of contractual matters, collaboration with Contractors for providing technical assistance as well as management of claims and assistance

Position and experience

Acredited mediator: No
Acredited arbitrator: Yes

Employment status:
Present position:
Previous positions: Transport Task Manager - EU Delegation, Deputy Site Manager, Deputy Resident Engineer, Road designer


  • Disputes Adjudicator
  • Claims/ Disputes Manager
  • Contract Expert
  • Contract Manager


  • Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers
  • Disputes Resolution Board Foundation

Panel listings

  • Please see CV

Qualifications, jurisdiction and discipline

  • Civil Engineer
  • FIDIC Accredited/ Certified Adjudicator
  • FIDIC Accredited Trainer