YPF Newsletter Issue 28

The Reflection of YPF

Since 2007, the YPF Newsletter has been connecting Young Professionals (YPs) worldwide by providing content that channels YP ideas, interests, activities, growth, cultures & achievements.

With every new edition, the FIDIC YPF Steering Committee demonstrates its commitment towards you. In this issue, you can find:
•The YPFSC Chairman’s Message by Jomanah AlBtoush
•The Importance of Profession Updating for YP, by Eleonora Smargiassi
• My Take on FIDIC Webinar - Urban Sustainability Management (Based on ISO 37101 Standard), by Charles Frank
• Young Professionals in Latin America: Infrastructure in Peru, Latin America and the World, by Jose Rodrigo Juarez Cornelio and André Jabir Assumpção
• My Experience in Attending FIDIC-ACEG European Infrastructure Conference in Tbilisi, by Rafat A Bouri
• Stuck In A Rut? Have You Tried Introspection?, by Jeshika Ramchund
• How Industry Participation Can Enhance Your Career, by Cory Wilson
• FIDIC GAMA Conference 2018, Bamako Mali, by Jeshika Ramchund
• FIDIC ASPAC Conference 2018 – Colombo Sri Lanka, by Hugh Tait
• How to Become Part of The FIDIC YPF Group, by Wafaa Balla

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