FIDIC Adjudicators Search - Dr. Karoly Lederer

First Name
Last Name
Global Regions
Europe & Central Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Country Residence
Educational Qualifications
MSc, Phd, Dr. Civil engineer
MSc Civ.Eng. Airports, Moscow
Institute of Roads and Road Transport
Phd Technical Sciences, Moscow
Phd Civil Engineering, Budapest
Technical University
Dr Civil Engineering, Budapest
Professional qualifications
Hungarian Chamber of Engineers
Association of Hungarian Consulting
Engineers and Architects AHCEA (Member Association of FIDIC)
Informal Founder of the Round Table of Listed
Adjudicators of AHCEA
Current employment status
CEO Transinvest Engineering and Consulting Ltd.
Particular technical expertise
Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Geotechnics and foundations, Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges, Metro railway and stations, Road and Storm water Defence Works, Tunnels and Shafts
English, Hungarian, Russian
Present position
CEO, Partner
Positions held
- AHCEA – Chairman of Supervisory Board 2005, Listed Adjudicator
- Transinvest Engineering and Consulting Ltd. CEO 1990 – till present
- Extension of Budapest International Airport, Independent Engineer; M6 Motorway PPP project I. and II, Independent Engineer; private financed shopping centers, the National Theater, the Palace of Arts Lenders Technical Advisor; reconstruction of several main roads, main railway lines financed by ISPA, cohesion, structural EU funds FIDIC Engineer; Second Phase extension of Budapest International Airport FIDIC Engineer;
- Advisor to the Ministry of Transport on restructuring and refinancing of M5 Motorway Concession.
- First Hungarian Concession Highway Co. Chairman of the Board od Directors 1991-1996
- Advice on risk analysis, contractual and shareholding structure of the first in CEE private build, finance, operate toll motorway. Participation in dispute resolution process with the Government and the Borrower.
- Transinvest joint Company CEO 1982-1990
- World Bank financed Road, Highway, Bridge and Railway development and maintenance projects,preparation of ICBs for construction and design, execution of contracts, contractual aspects – supervision and advice on preparation of claim documents, participation in negotiations.Uganda, Mauritius, Yemen, Algeria
- UVATERV State Road and Railway Design Co. 1969-1982 Design engineer and later chief design engineer of several military airport reconstruction and extension projects, new runway and terminal complex at Budapest International Airport, new International Airport of Tiaret/Algeria.
Dispute resolution experience
2009 – DAB Member for construction of new Concert Hall incity Pécs.
2010 – DAB Chairman for reconstruction of urban road network in city Pécs.
2010 – ongoing – DAB Chairman for urban metro 3 stations construction contracts.
2011 – DAB Member for reconstruction of “Liszt Ferenc” Conservatoire
2011 – Independent Engineer in negotiations to find amicable settlement between Operator and Contractor on a Highway Project.
Hungary, Russia
Other panel listings
Design and load bearing capacity of airport pavements. International Conference, Norway 1983.
Possibilities of CEE countries in developing the transport infrastructure. International Conference, Warsaw 1993.
Involving private finance in developing highway network. IBTTI, USA 1994 and Paris 1995
Financing road infrastructures. International Conference, Paris 1998
FIDIC Construction Contracts. Post graduate course at the Budapest Technical University, 2002 and 2004.
Criteria of an effective and competitive transport network. Research of the World Economy Department of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2003
Structuring of PPP transport projects. International Course, Special course at the Budapest Business High school 2006 and 2007
Dispute resolution – the FIDIC DAB process “The Engineer” 2011/3-4