FIDIC Adjudicators Search - Mr. Gordon Jaynes

First Name
Last Name
Global Regions
North America
Country Residence
United Kingdom
Educational Qualifications
A.B., Whitman College, 1950; LL.B.
University of Washington, 1954 (Editorial Board, Washington Law Review).
Academic Postgraduate Diploma in Law (International) University of London (UCL), 1962.
Professional qualifications
Lawyer specialised in international engineering and construction. Initially admitted Washington, then California.
Current employment status
Particular technical expertise
Present position
Self-Employed -Dispute Adjudicator, Dispute Board Member, Arbitrator, Lawyer
Positions held
1954 - 55: Private practice
1955 - 57: Compulsory military service
1957 - 61: Lawyer, U.S. Sending State Office for United Kingdom, Eire, Norway NATO Status of Forces Agreement (based in England)
1961 - 64: Attorney-Advisor, Ballistic Systems Division, US Air Force (based in California)
1964 - 74: Counsel, Kaiser Engineers and Constructors, Inc. (based in California until 1969, then England)
1974 - Date: Private practice
Dispute resolution experience
My experience with the use of Dispute Adjudication Boards in international experience work began in 1994, when I was engaged by the Legal Department of The World Bank to assist in drafting the then new provisions of the Bank’s Standard Bidding Document, “Procurement of Works”, to introduce the use of Dispute Boards, which occurred with the January 1995 edition of that document. Since then I have been continuously engaged in work related to international dispute boards, most recently Chairing several, for: the new Port d'Ehoala, Madagascar; Pitesti Bypass Project, Romania; Kunming Water Supply Project, China; Power Complex, Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project, Pakistan; Xiaolangdi Multipurpose Dam Project, China.

Member, FIDIC Assessment Panel for Adjudicators (since establishment) Recipient, Al Matthews Award, DRB Foundation, its highest award for Dispute Board excellence.

Member, Task Force on Dispute Boards, International Chamber of Commerce. (This Task Force prepared the ICC Dispute Board Rules).

Inter-Pacific Bar Association: Founding Chairman, Committee on International Construction Contracts.

International Bar Association, Chairman

Emeritus, Committee on International Construction Contracts.

Founder Member, Major Projects Association, Oxford University, England.

Member: DRB Foundation, Society of Construction Law, Society of Construction Arbitrators, London Court of International Arbitration.
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