FIDIC Adjudicators Search - Dr. Goetz-Sebastian Hoek

First Name
Last Name
Global Regions
East Asia & Pacific, Europe & Central Asia, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
Country Residence
Educational Qualifications
Zabergäugymnasium Brackenheim (1980), Baccalauréat
University of Göttingen (1981- 1987), Grade: 1st Legal State Exam
Court of Appeal Berlin (1989-1991), Grade: 2nd Legal State Exam
University of Göttingen, Grade PhD in Law (1993)
Professional qualifications
Admitted to Landgericht, Germany
Admitted Kammergericht Berlin
Member, Eurojuris, Germany,
Member, VBI, Germany
FIDIC Accredited Trainer
Current employment status
Available for appointments worldwide and willing to travel as required.
Particular technical expertise
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges, Manufacturing and Process Plant, Metro railway and stations, Road and Storm water Defence Works, Waste Treatment and Pumping Plant
English, French, German
Present position
Senior Partner
Positions held
1995: Senior Partner, Dr.Hök . Stieglmeier & Partner
1993 - :Dr. iur., Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin
1996: Lecturer, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
1992: Solicitor (Rechtsanwalt), Dr. Edlich, Berlin
1989 - 91: Legal trainee, Court of Appeal, Berlin
1987 - 91: Academic Assistant, Freie Universität, Berlin
1984 - 87: Legal trainee, Kanzlei Dr. Werner, Zacharias & Partner, Göttingen
1983 - 87: Academic Assistant, Rewi Institut für rechtswissenschaftliche Information
Dispute resolution experience
Numerous arbitration proceedings under ICC & UNCITRAL Rules.

DAB Appointments:

Armenia: Irrigation Project under FIDIC Yellow Book
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Road Project under FIDIC Red Book
Germany: Offshore Windmill Project under FIDIC Yellow Book (Foundations), Offshore Windmill Project under FIDIC Yellow Book (Foundations), Offshore Windmill Project under FIDIC Yellow Book (Cables)
Mali: Irrigation Project under FIDIC Red Book
Palestine: Waste Water Treatment Plant under FIDIC Yellow Book
Tanzania: Road Project under FIDIC Red Book

Contract advice: Algeria (Hospitals, Mosque, Housing), Angola (Water Treatment Plant), Azerbaijan (Shopping Mall Project under FIDIC Red Book), Botswana (Infrastructure Development under FIDIC Red Book), Bulgaria (Shopping Mall Project), Cameroon (Power Plants), Chile (Food Processing Plant), Denmark (Bridge), England (Train Station, Solar Power Plant), France (Airport, Power Plant under FIDIC), Ghana (Dam Project), Mozambique (Harbour Project under FIDIC), Pakistan (Grain Terminal under FIDIC), Philippines (Airport Project under FIDIC Yellow Book), Poland (Plant; Road Projects), Qatar (Railways under FIDIC Yellow Book, Town Development), Romania (Waste Water Treatment Plants under FIDIC Yellow Book; Major Civil Works Project), South Africa (Coal Fired Power Plant under FIDIC), UAE (Structural Engineering, Fortress Project; Bridge; Office Tower), Vietnam (Plant Project; Road Project under FIDIC Silver Book; Harbour Project).
Algeria, Angola, Chile, Denmark, France, Poland, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam
Other panel listings
Handbuch des internationalen und ausländischen Baurechts, Heidelberg 2005 (German translation of FIDIC Red Book with commentaries, German Translation of FIDIC Yellow Book with commentaries, German translation of FIDIC Silver Book with commentaries).
French translation, FIDIC 1999 Conditions of Contract.
French translation, The FIDIC Contracts Guide
FIDIC Dispute Adjudication (in German).
German translation, FIDIC Client-Consultant Model Services Agreement, 4th Edition, with commentaries.
G.-S. Hök, The FIDIC Red Book harmonised version, ICLR 2006, 405.
G.-S. Hök, Difficulties encountered in the English-French translation of FIDIC´s Standard Form Contracts, ICLR 2007, 271.
G.-S. Hök, Chinese Arbitration Requirements – A trap for FIDIC Arbitration?, ICLR 2008, 190
G.-S. Hök, Relationship between FIDIC conditions and public procurement law - reliability of Tender Documents, ICLR 2009, 23 et seq. Reviewer, FIDIC Design-Build and Operate Contract, 2008.