FIDIC Adjudicators Search - Mr. Aaron Ben Arie

First Name
Last Name
Ben Arie
Global Regions
Country Residence
Educational Qualifications
B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude), Israel Technological Institute, Haifa
Law and Regulation in Construction and Real Estate, Degree, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University
Professional qualifications
Licensed Engineer by the Engineers and Architect Registrar, State of Israel . Law and Regulation in Construction and Real Estate: degree approved by Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilam University. Member of Chamber of Engineers, Architects and Technological Profession Academics.
Approved Member in the list of Mediators by the Director of Courts, State of Israel.
Member of the List of Arbitrators and Mediators by the Israeli Association of Civil Engineers .
"Building Control Surveying Cours" -Administrated by RICS in London UK.
Current employment status
Particular technical expertise
Present position
Consultant; Arbitrator; Adjudicator
Positions held
Independent Project Manager and Engineering Consultant, 2000 - 2005: Project Manager, Multilevel Roads and PGaragaes, Ben Gurion, Israel; Project Manager, Energy Centre Expansion, Ben Gurion. Engineering consultant to Minrav Ltd., Cementcal Ltd., Solel Boneh Ltd., Kal Binyan Ltd., Nadir Ltd., and Kim Lustigman Ltd. CEO and Main Shareholder in Ben Arie Engineers Ltd. and Roni C.E.C. Ltd., 1994 - 2000. CEO and Main Shareholder in Barnea Construction Co., 1986 - 1994. CEO and main shareholder in Ben Arie Construction Co., 1979 -1986.
Partner and Executive of “Tamnun Maritime Works Co.”, 1973 - 1986.
Partner and E.O in “Yanav Consulting Co.”, 1970 - 1973.
Project Manager for several companies, 1967 - 1970.
Project Engineering and Project Manager, Ethiopia, 1959 - 1963.
Dispute resolution experience
Involvement in numerous negotiations concerning claims for additional payments and extension of time. Ben Yakar-Gat Engineers and Contractors and S. Sheps Ltd. dispute Rosh Haain Municipality and Pica Ltd. arbitration. Modiin, Israel, residential project Adjudicator Dania Sibus Co., and subcontrcators mediator. DEMIBO Ltd. and RESIDO FI.BI Ltd., arbitration,
Arbitrator or Mediator in many additional disputes in various construction projects
Engineering consultant in a dispute between the Rumanian Railways Authorities and a Contractor - in a project in Rumania based on FIDIC Contract.
Other panel listings
Frequent articles on contractual subjects in professional magazines
Presenter of seminars and courses on contractual subjects