FIDIC PDF Files installation guide

Conditions of Use & Prerequisites :

  • Upon receipt of payment you will be granted access to your pdf files in your FIDIC user account under the FILES tab. 
  • FIDIC pdf files can be installed for one user only once on one hard disk.
  • Do not install your files on the company server.
  • FIDIC files are accessible for 1 year.
  • FIDIC files can be printed 10 times until expiry date.
  • The General Conditions cannot be copied and pasted.
  • Only the Particular conditions and Forms can be copied and pasted.
  • The General conditions are contained in a pdf encrypted file. The name of the file ends with _enc ( e.g: plant_enc)

FIDIC files are encrypted and require the installation of the FileOpen plugin to be read.

Please follow the below steps to complete the installation or download the guide here.


a/ Go to and log into your account


b/ Go to the files tab and select Windows / Mac or Linux to download your files


c/ Click on FileOpenInstaller to install the plugin.


d/ Double click on epct1_enc or your file ending with _enc to install the General Conditions.



e/ Go to the PUBLIC folder to find the forms, Particular Conditions & Memorandum.