Board nominations 2020

The FIDIC Board has established a Nominations Committee to assist in identifying potential candidates to join the Board. In doing so we are seeking to identify appropriately qualified candidates and engage with them and their proposers to enable them to participate in the selection process in the best possible way. 

The nomination and subsequent election of Board members is a critical component through which the FIDIC Board is refreshed and reinvigorated to position FIDIC to lead the industry in an ever-changing global marketplace. 

With the retirement of Aisha Nadar Sweden and Reyes Juarez Mexico from the FIDIC Board, two vacancies will need to be filled at the FIDIC General Assembly Meeting in September 2020.

FIDIC Board Directors continuing in office in 2020/2021 are:

  • William Howard (President) USA 

  • Anthony Barry (Vice President) Australia

  • Liu Luobing (Vice President) People’s Republic of China 

  • Gavin English (Treasurer) United Kingdom

  • Mark Pehlig Netherlands

  • Luis Villarroya Alonso Spain

  • Sarwono Hardjomuljardi Indonesia

Current Board representation by region:

  • North America – 1 
  • Europe – 3
  • Asia Pacific – 3
  • Africa – 0
  • Latin America – 0
  • Middle East – 0

FIDIC Member Associations will be invited to submit nominations for the vacancies to be filled. Each nomination may be for a member of its own Association or another Member Association.

The Board may also submit nominations.

In his letter dated 11 December 2019, the President advised MAs of the urgent need to improve diversity and inclusion of the Board and reiterated his request to assist us to achieve meaningful change in this respect. The Board has identified that the composition of the Board would be significantly improved if those nominated are:

  • Female

  • African, Middle Eastern and/or South American.

The FIDIC Board has extensive capability and experience in international business and all areas of consulting engineering. However, the Board has identified that its capability would be further enhanced if those nominated have expertise or skills in:

  • Marketing

  • Collaborative contracting

  • Information technology

  • Cybersecurity.

The Board invites anyone in the FIDIC family to identify to the Secretariat any individual who they consider may be well placed to join the FIDIC Board to contact the Secretariat, Federation Operations Director, Italo Goyzueta. ([email protected]). 

The Secretariat will follow up and assist the Board Nominations Committee to explore whether your suggestion is feasible and pursue the process as may be appropriate.

Italo Goyzueta

Deputy Director

For further information about the work of FIDIC's committees email FIDIC deputy director Italo Goyzueta

+41 22 799 4909

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