FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference - Marrakesh, 25-27 September 2016

‘‘Engineering for the Challenges of Climate Change’’

While government leaders debate and struggle to agree on action plans, the planet manifests its unrest on a regular basis. Increased incidents of adverse weather take their toll on property and human life. As debate over causes, either manmade or natural, continues, it is up to the consulting engineering community to share its knowledge and experience in mitigation and remedial solutions for fragile infrastructure. COP 22 takes place in Morocco in November 2016. Having participated in the 2015 Business Climate Summit for COP 21, FIDIC believes that focus needs to intensify with regard to the practical steps that can be taken, and the business decisions that need to be
made, in addressing the real issues impacting on society.

The consulting engineering community is also uniquely positioned to assist the energy, resource and manufacturing sectors with realistic and practical approaches to sustainability and corporate responsibility, helping them achieve the “social licence” that is increasingly being demanded by regulators, customers and investors.

FIDIC, GAMA (FIDIC Group of African Member Associations) and FMCI (Moroccan Federation of Consulting Engineers) invite business leaders and decision makers to Marrakech late September 2016 to explore Scenario Based Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Consistency in Design and other criteria, Integrated Resource Management (solving multiple problems simultaneously), Risk and Liability, and the looming Water Crisis. Renewables and Clean Energy will receive close attention, as will Designing for Disaster, with all its inherent risks.

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