Creating a Business Development Framework

This hands-on approach webinar " Creating a Business Development Framework" focus on the required strategy, planning, programme & related communication to do so. It might be of interest to any Consulting Engineer willing to develop its marketing, sales and client relationship skills based on FIDIC Business Practice principles.

Webinar details :

IADC Webinar : Blue Book 2nd Edition

Complimentary IADC Webinar on 24.10.17 at 13.00 CEST to discover the second edition of the Blue Book. Mr John Greenhalgh and Mr Tim Maddock will share their knowledge of the changes. The webinar will focus on the benefits of using the FIDIC Blue book, the only standard international form of contract designed specifically for the dredging industry.

Introducing the New FIDIC Suite of Agreements

With the increased demand for sustainable infrastructure, the industry faces a world-wide shortage of skilled advisors – there is also a growing need for greater innovation in managing resources – in the Consulting Engineering industry, the most important resource is people.

Introducing FIDIC Contracts Role and Principles

In this complimentary webinar two FIDIC Contracts Committee Members and Christopher Seppälä renowned Construction Law expert deliver a full introduction to FIDIC Contracts Forms. This session cover the role of FIDIC Contracts in the industry, General Principles and Dispute Adjudication Boards practice.

The Use of FIDIC DABs in Complex Projects

Disputes do arise and can quite quickly become very costly. Prior to arbitration or litigation , Dispute Boards under FIDIC contracts are very useful tools brought to the market place to keep construction projects on the right track. Watch this complimentary webinar with two International Dispute Resolution experts from Keating Chambers and Sense Studio Ltd to get more insights.

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