FIDIC ISO 37101 webinar

Following the preliminary announcement at its HABITAT III side event at QUITO, FIDIC the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, launched today the campaign to promote ISO 37101-based management systems for sustainability in cities and communities.

FIDIC and consulting engineers  have been involved for several years in Sustainable Development and in the ISO TC 268 working group charged with developing the standard, which was published in July 2016. ISO 37101 provides a common language and methodology for all those who interested in meeting the urgent and growing need for smart, sustainable and resilient cities and communities. The standard does not impose a specific vision for a sustainable city and it can be used for both large and small cities in developed and developing countries. It encourages exchanges on a mutually agreed, internationally recognized basis between stakeholders in urban projects of any type.


FIDIC’s action plan to promote ISO 37101 includes specific actions to partner with relevant and interested organizations in order to develop awareness-raising webinars involving ISO TC 268 experts as well as training courses. Both will benefit from feedback from ISO 37101 pilot implementations such as a Hangzhou (China) pilot that FIDIC's international network is monitoring.


Please read here The note for details about the ISO 37101 standard published in July 2016 is available here.

Please read the note for details about the ISO 37101 standard published in July 2016.


If the organization you represent is interested in partnering with the FIDIC programme (in English at the international level or in a national language at national level), please contact me as soon as possible so that we can explore ways to collaborate.