Examination and Certification

1) Two Examinations

On July 30-31, 2016, the first FCCE examination was organized simultaneously in Beijing, Chengdu and Xi’an. A total of 512 candidates participated in the examination.
Grading of the examination was conducted by 4 experts; all the 512 applicants passed the examination. The passing rate was 100%, with an average score of 145.47, and the highest score was 183.75 and the lowest score was 101.25 out of a maximum score of 200.
The second FCCE examination was organized on July 29-30, 2017 in Beijing, Wuhan and Guangzhou simultaneously. In total 467 candidates participated in the examination. The passing rate was also 100%, with the average score of 159.32, the highest of 185,and the lowest of 105.
In total, 979 candidates have been designated as FCCEs and awarded Certificates signed by the FIDIC President.

2) The First Certificate Awarding Ceremony
The first certificate awarding ceremony was held on Nov. 28, 2016 and 512 Chinese consulting engineers received certificates from the FIDIC President and became the first group of FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineers (FCCE) in the world.
Participants in the event included FIDIC past presidents, officials from NDRC and Ministry of Labor and Human Resources, representatives of WB, ADB and AIIB, CNAEC leadership and representatives of successful candidates.
This event was extensively covered by key Media, including Chinese Government Website, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, People’s Daily, China Daily, etc.
Through this award ceremony and FCCE program, FIDIC image has been immensely upgraded not only in China but also in the world at large.