Governance and Institutional Setup

FCCE Management Board was jointly established by FIDIC and CNAEC under the overall governance of a Board of Directors. FIDIC nominated past presidents Mr. Gregs Thomopulos and Dr. John Boyd and FIDIC EC member Mr. Anthony Barry as Board members. CNAEC also nominated CNAEC Chair, CNAEC Vice Chair, Ms. Tang Ping and CNAEC member Mr. Ruijie Zhang as Board members.


A 5-person Secretariat oversees the daily operation of the Program.

The Board also established an Expert Committee chaired by Ms. Yang Dan, Director General of Facility and Administrative Bureau AIIB, and 12 scholars and experts as members, to provide technical inputs and support for the smooth implementation of the Program.
Several governance documents have been developed and implemented, including the FCCE Program Management Method, Implementation Plan, Continuing Education Requirements, etc.