Grow your company with FIDIC

What is an Affiliate Member?

An Affiliate Member is an individual, association, organization, firm or groups of firms which supports the objectives of the Federation. This membership category is targeted at commercial organizations which aim to maintain a close contact with FIDIC and to support the federation’s activities at the local and international level.

What benefits do FIDIC Affiliate Members enjoy? Some of these benefits include:

  • Co-brand with FIDIC so to strengthen your own local brand  with the highly internationally recognized FIDIC brand.

  • Purchase FIDIC Publications directly from the FIDIC bookshop at a discount of 30%

  • Promotion of your company in the FIDIC Annual Report, website and other FIDIC media channels.

  • Receive discounts at the Annual FIDIC Conference

  • Receive advance market information from FIDIC on new business trends, best practices and new publications

  • Receive professional advice from FIDIC under the FIDIC statues Article 14

  • Access to international business networking opportunities to help grow your business

  • Participate in the discussions with the Multilateral Development Banks during the FIDIC annual meetings.

  • Nominate members for FIDIC committees and task forces

  • Propose speakers and topics for inclusion in the FIDIC Annual Conference programme

  • Train your future leaders through the FIDIC Young Professional Management Training program

  • Receive early notification of what is happening in the Consulting Engineering Industry through the FIDIC eNews  

 What is the process to become an Affiliate Member?

 There are several documents that you will need to attach to your application. 

  1. If you are based in a country where FIDIC has a Member Association (MA) or Associate, you should submit a letter of approval from the FIDIC MA. This letter must be signed by the President or Director of the association endorsing the applicant and sent to the FIDIC Secretariat. Applicants should provide any information required by the association in order to prepare the approval letter. The letter is essential to the application process and only applications accompanied by an approval letter will be reviewed.

  2. A letter stating: your motivation for the application; your main area of activity, in particular, activities in fields related to consulting engineering and allied professions; and the relationship of the organisation to the consulting engineering industry and to the FIDIC Member Association in the country of origin.

  3. You need to provide 2 letters of recommendation from any association, clients, partners or similar organisations working in the consulting engineering industry.  These letters should normally be from the two references mentioned on the registration form.

Follow this link to fill out an application online .

Once you have uploaded the documents and submitted your application, your application will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for consideration. Once approved there, it will receive final approval by the Executive Committee.

Membership fee

FIDIC Affiliate Membership fee is 1500 Swiss Francs per year.

If you have any questions on becoming a FIDIC Affiliate Member, please contact FIDIC at [email protected].