How do Your Members Benefit from FIDIC Membership?


There are many direct and indirect benefits to your National Association Members when a national association joins FIDIC. Here are some of the benefits that your members will enjoy when you join FIDIC.

As a Member Firm of your National Association, your members will:

  1. Receive discounts on FIDIC publications purchased on the FIDIC website at

  2. Receive advance notification of new or revised FIDIC publications (such as the rainbow collection which is currently being updated and should be released in 2016)

  3. Obtain help from FIDIC to put member firms in contact with other firms in other member countries

  4. Benefit from reduced conference fees at the Annual FIDIC Conference

  5. Benefit from FIDIC's representation at the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) (i.e. FIDIC is currently consulting with the World Bank on their new procurement policies. ) FIDIC annually visits the MDBs and brings the current issues to the table.

  6. Receive advance notice on new agreements with the MDBs mandating use of FIDIC contracts

  7. Receive support for in-house training programs

  8. Get access to FIDIC YP networks

  9. Be able to nominate candidates for the YP Management Traning Program and YP Awards

  10. Obtain Guidance from FIDIC on industry issues – quality, integrity, sustainability

  11. Be offered the Opportunity to Contribute to committee activities

  12. Be the First ones to have Access to the latest Trends and Benchmarks in the Consulting Engineering Industry