Risk, Liability and Quality Committee (RLC)

Responsible FIDIC Board Members

- Reyes Juárez del Angel, Mexico (Primary Responsibility)

- Anthony Barry, Australia (Secondary Responsibility)



- Stephen Jenkins, New Zealand (Chair)

- Stephen Bamforth, UK

Cremona Cotovelea, Romania

- Martin Hohberg, Switzerland

- Manish Kothari, USA 

- Toshio Kurashige, Japan

- Keith Lonsdale, UK

- Malcom Padayachee, South Africa

- Sonja de Klerk, South Africa

- Ulla Sassarsson, Denmark (EFCA)

- Walter Painsi, Austria

- Jomanah Al Btoush, Jordan

The Risk, Liability and Quality Committee (RLC) identify significant issues impacting on risk and quality for the consulting engineering industry, and formulate strategies to address these. They monitor professional liability conditions and insurance world-wide and periodically report significant trends to the FIDIC Board.


The RLC monitor worldwide and report on contractual trends, client risk mitigation strategies and legislative frameworks. Base on their observations, the RLC develop relevant best practice tools and guidelines on risk management, liability and insurance.


The RLC assist the Secretariat in establishing Task Groups as required and monitor their work for final recommendation to the FIDIC Board.


Task Group ISO 9001:2015 Guide

- W.Painsi, Chair, Austria

- S.de Klerk, South Africa

- A. Ezrakhovich, Australia

- M.Hohberg, Switzerland