FIDIC defines Quality as all the key attributes of professional services including skill, experience, innovation, integrity, sustainability, and best business practice.

What FIDIC is doing to improve Quality in the industry? FIDIC's Best Practice Committee (BPC) has been long tasked to develop best practices guides and recommend to the Executive Committee the best delivery mechanisms for the guidelines. They also monitor developments in key areas of the industry and provide relevant information to Member Associations - such areas include Risk Identification and Management, Insurance Trends, Practice Management, Quality Based Selection, Quality Management Selection, etc. Find out more about the committee by clicking here.

FIDIC is committed to further spreading Best Practice within the industry by

  • Continually developing programs for Capacity Building, Procurement, Sustainable Management, which are tightly related to improving quality.
  • Promoting QBS for the selection of consulting services within the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).
  • Work in partnership with the MDBs and UN organizations to develop special in-house training programs on best practices.

The keystone to ensuring quality and best value from an infrastructure project is the procurement of the consultant who is best able to provide the solution to meet the client’s requirements over the whole lifespan of the project. FIDIC has been promoting Quality Based Selection (QBS) for many years, as it emphasizes the importance of selecting Consultancy Firms on the basis of qualification, experience, professionalism and integrity, rather than price. The advice of the consulting engineer should be regarded as an asset investment, not a project cost. To find out more about the QBS Guide, please click here.



FIDIC has produced and promotes the use of the FIDIC Quality Guidelines. These documents include:

Quality Based Selection (QBS) Guidelines (2011) - Guide for best practice for the selection of Consultancy Services Providers

Quality Management Guide 2nd Ed - Guide to Quality Management in the consulting engineering industry

Quality Management Training Kit 1st Ed (2001) - Quality management in the consulting engineering industry training kit

Improving the Quality of Construction (2004) - Best practice approach to achieving a proper Quality of Construction

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Interpretive Guide 1st Ed (2001) - A guide to the interpretation and application of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard for the consulting engineering industry

For other QBS resources, click here