One of FIDIC’s key objectives is to promote and encourage the development of Young Professionals in the Consulting Engineering Industry. In January 2013, FIDIC Young Professional Forum Steering Committee (YPFSC) announced the creation of two regional forums of young professionals within two FIDIC regions: ASPAC and GAMA.

Proposed by FIDIC YPFSC and supported by FIDIC, the 2013 ASPAC Conference faced a new agenda item: reformation of the ASPAC YPF. Strongly supported by FIDIC EC members and ASPAC Chairman, ASPAC Executive Committee officially approved the reformation of the ASPAC YPF. Key activities were identified as Research, Education and Networking.

The ASPAC YPFSC is made up of the following people:

  • Arash Emambakhsh, Iran
  • Garett Bray, Australia
  • Zhou Sheng, China
  • Takashi Matsuo, Japan
  • Atasi Das, India
  • Shah Izzni Talif, Malaysia
  • Patrick John R. Ramos, Philippines
  • Sung Joon Park, Republic of Korea
  • Jomanah Albtoush, Jordon (advisor)

ASPAC YPFSC would like your input formulating the YPs image and activities. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us on

Click here to read the ASPAC YPF Busines Plan 2016

ASPAC YPFSC Achievements at the FIDIC-ASPAC 2014 Annual Conference in Bali

The ASPAC YP held a full Young Professional seminar covering following subjects in line with the theme of the conference:

  • Social responsibility;
  • Exchanging the Experiences: YPEP (Young Professional Exchange Program, which was taken place between Japan and Australia);
  • Performing New Dances with the Old Songs: talking about Consulting Engineering Industry in the 3rd Millennium.
  • Women and Their Role in Engineering

Click on the link below to see photos of YPs at the FIDIC -ASPAC 2014 Conference in Bali  ASPAC 2014 YP Activities.docx


Read the ASPAC YP Newsletter 2014 by clicking here ASPAC YPF Newsletter, September 2014.pdf

READ THE ASPAC YPF Business Plan 2016


1. Provide a voice for YPs within the Region,

2. Provide channels for networking, awareness and interaction,

3. Publicise best practices & standards,

4. Share success stories about Young Professionals,

5. Provide a supportive space for Young Professionals for discussion and communication,

6. Pursue capacity building initiatives

7. Enhance culture of dialogue,

8. Provide connection with FIDIC, and

9. Enhance the Profession and industry