FIDIC Training Newsletter October 2013

Here some of the FIDIC officially accredited courses organised by FIDIC during the period October - December 2013. For the complete list of official FIDIC training offer go to:

FIDIC Training Newsletter
October 2013

What's going on in the FIDIC Training world

FIDIC is delighted to inform you that the new Training Newsletter will be sent monthly to all FIDIC users interested in being kept up to date on official FIDIC Contracts training events.

Each training event is described in detail on the FIDIC website at: You can register online for most of the events directly through the FIDIC website.

FIDIC training events listed on the website are the only official FIDIC courses organised by FIDIC using FIDIC Accredited Trainers (internationally recognised experts working with FIDIC Contracts for many years). The high value of FIDIC courses is well known and a must for all professionals involved in the implementation and management of FIDIC Contracts projects.

FIDIC looks forward to meeting you at one of next FIDIC events!

Silvia Fossati
FIDIC Training Manager

Understanding and Using the FIDIC Conditions of Contract 1999
30-31 October 2013 (with seminar on 1st November 2013)
Beijing, China
"Les Contrats FIDIC"
Utilisation pratique des Contrats FIDIC Edition 1999

Le 5 et 6 Novembre 2013
Atelier le 7 Novembre 2013 (optionnel)
Dakar, Senegal