Torsten Kleiss Session Information

Meeting the Needs of Humanity – Understanding Key Markets

In the next hundred years, the consulting engineering community shall commit to undertaking a collaborative effort with key partners to ensure that the entire global community has its basic needs met. What are the challenges we must address to achieve this goal? What are the major trends and opportunities for consulting engineering services, grappling with these demands which continue to consume precious resources, as consulting engineers and their partners seeks to balance engineering, finance and management needs, with overall social development and sustainability?

Stream 1: Urban Development

This session will look at present trends in developing Smart Cities, improving the efficiency of cities, saving energy, reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability.

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   Torsten Kleiss acts for Siemens AG as Co-Chair in the Urban Infrastructure Initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He works as senior strategy manager at Siemens Building Technologies, where he enjoys a strong focus on urban development topics. Prior to that, he worked in the construction material industry and in real estate development. His main professional fields of interest are in sustainable urban development, strategic innovation for livable and energy efficient cities, and the role of the private sector in infrastructure delivery.

Torsten Kleiss holds a PhD in Construction Economics and MSc in Civil Engineering.