FIDIC CEO in Manila for discussions with government, funders and industry bodies

High level discussions planned with Philippines government bodies and industry organisations.

FIDIC chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin is visiting Manila for a number of meetings with high-profile figures in the Philippines government, international funding organisations and industry bodies.

During the course of a three-day visit, Ogunshakin will meet the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Finance (DOT) and various Philippine government ministers.

The meeting with JICA follows their decision last year to sign up to using FIDIC’s 1999 edition agreements. Discussions with them will centre on the new 2017 Agreements, which they are currently considering. FIDIC is also looking to explore how it can assist with training and capacity building on the use of the FIDIC suites of contract across their operating countries.

The DTI talks are especially well timed as after an extensive review of the Philippine government construction procurement system, they have recently decided to adopt the use of FIDIC Suites of Contracts across all their sectors. “The government are looking to explore how FIDIC can assist with capacity building and extensive training across the various construction-related ministries across the country,” said Ogunshakin.

“In addition, they have asked to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with FIDIC on how to achieve FIDIC training of local engineers in response to the National Infrastructure Program 2020-2030 and also to support the Build Build Build Infrastructure Program of the government. FIDIC is delighted to be working with the DTI and helping them achieve their goals and objectives and I’m very much looking forward to my discussions with them,” he said. Once the MoU is signed, it is expected to take effect regarding funding arrangements or grants from the JICA and ADB with local funding support from the DOF.

At a high-level meeting with the Department of Finance, who are responsible for funding all infrastructure and construction capital investment across the Philippines, Nelson will be seeking their support for increased investment in infrastructure projects and training for their various staff across the country so that they can deliver sustainable infrastructure investment and also invest in their people’s knowledge.

At his meeting with the ADB, Nelson will be talking about the ongoing negotiations with the bank to agree a five-year licensing agreement for them to adopt the use of the FIDIC 2017 contracts. All being well, that agreement will be signed during the visit. ADB is also collaborating with FIDIC in the friendly review process for the new FIDIC form of contract - FIDIC Form of Contract for Operate, Design, Build and Operate (ODBO Contract).

Finally, while in Manila, FIDIC’s chief executive will take the opportunity to meet the board of member association, the Council of Engineering Consultants of the Philippines, to update them on FIDIC’s work and future plans and to listen to their feedback on a range of issues.

For more information on Nelson’s visit to Manila, keep an eye on FIDIC’s social media accounts for updates and photos.