Four online FIDIC training courses starting February and March 2015.

FIDIC currently provide four online training programmes: the Online training course on Red and Yellow Books - Basic and Advanced course, the FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration course, and the Young Professionals Management Training Programme. Further online training courses and programmes are going to be provided due to an increasing demand from the market.

The online training course on Red and Yellow books offers a complete and comprehensive overview of the two main contracts, and also provides a comfortable learning process, avoiding travel costs and lengthy absences from the workplace. The programme is based on live lectures in combination with case work which is directly related to the lectures. Participants work on real life cases and practice the application of various contract conditions. The case work is run on a chat type platform by presenting and discussing case inputs in writing. Presentations, assessments and discussion of replies take place in Podio, an on-line classroom setting.

The programme comprises 9 two-hour sessions over a period of five months. The preparation of case work must be completed between the sessions and replies are discussed at the following classroom session. The next course will start in February 2016.

The online Training Course Advanced – Red and Yellow Book: an advanced training programme especially designed for Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, Public Contract Administrators or other professionals involved in construction work and contracts administration.The course programme is based on the following case study: the construction of a hydro-electrical power plant in China, through which participants will practise application of the various contract conditions.

The training programme covers: FIDIC Contract Documents, conflicts and disputes related to Responsibilities of the Main Parties, Management of Projects, Tests on Completion, Financial Procedures, Suspension and Termination and Risk, Liability and Force Majeure.

Admission criteria are: good understanding and speaking level of English, actual practical experience in using the FIDIC contract documents or having successfully attended the Basic FIDIC Module 1 Course.

The next course will start in March 2016.

The online course on FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration explains and illustrates the practical use of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (the “Construction Contract”) and the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (the “Design-Build Contract”). The course is designed to help the participants have confidence in working with these documents whether representing Employers, Consultants or Contractors. It provides extensive checking measures and work exercises to give all delegates a comprehensive understanding of proper management of these contracts.

This course focuses on administering and managing the FIDIC contracts, concentrating on the “Engineer” and its activities, highlighting important procedures within these contracts. The course is recommended to professionals who want to have a comprehensive insight of the FIDIC main contracts, to learn how to apply them in their professional life on a regular basis.

The next course will start on 27 August 2015 and will terminate on 10 December 2015.

Online Training course on FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration - See more at:

The Young Professionals Management Training Programme is an intensive management training programme based on case studies and discussions of management issues within an international team of participants and mentors. The programme provides international networking and active participation in the annual FIDIC conference meeting key representatives of the world wide consulting industry.
The YPMTP training programme consists of lectures, case work, classroom sessions and 5 days face-to-face sessions prior to the FIDIC Conference. The programme is divided in three main subjects:

- Case 1 Organization and Human Resources Development
- Case 2 Business Development Framework
- Case 3 Business Development Instruments

The programme also includes two lectures on White Book: Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement. For each case FIDIC has appointed a Mentor who will follow the work and comment on your findings. Fluency in written and spoken English is a condition for successful participation.

The next course will start in February 2016.

Currently ongoing courses:



FIDIC Module 4 - 2015 Online Training course on FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration


FIDIC 2015 Young Professionals Management Training Programme


Future courses:

FIDIC Conditions of Contracts - 2016 Online Training  course on Red and Yellow Book: starting in February 2016

FIDIC 2016 Online Advanced Training course on Red and Yellow Book: starting next March 2016