2018 Interational Women's Day

The Federation of International Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) celebrates the inspired Women in Consulting Engineering on International Women's Day

Today, people around the world are celebrating International Women’s Day.  As President of FIDIC, I take the opportunity on this special day to recognize the contributions of women to our field worldwide.  As the global voice of consulting engineers, we wish to amplify the voice of women in our profession and ensure that they are well represented at every level of our profession.  As the President of FIDIC, I consider it part of my duties to encourage young women to enter our profession and to help in eradicating hurdles they face as they advance in their careers. I am happy to be joined in this effort by Aisha Nadar, my fellow Executive Committee member and the second woman to be elected a member of the EC in FIDIC’s history.  Together we invite all our members to join in working towards greater gender equality in consulting engineering around the world, today and everyday.

Alain Bentejac, FIDIC President.