FIDIC Conditions of Contracts - 2013 Online Training course

FIDIC is offering for the first time an online training programme, starting in February 2013, focussing on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (The Red Book) and Plant and Design-Build (The Yellow Book). Take advantage of this unique opportunity in 2013 to learn online the main FIDIC Conditions of Contract. Registrations are now open.

The training programme is based on 9 online sessions, during which we will present lectures, go through the contract clauses, explain and discuss the contract issues. Between classroom sessions participants will be working on real life case problems, and their solutions will be discussed in the following classroom session. Participants will be encouraged to present problems and questions from their own work experience.

The increasing demand for use of the FIDIC Contracts in the construction industry, as well as for projects funded by multi-lateral development banks, requires a thorough understanding and knowledge on the implementation and management of works contracts. The proposed online training programme not only offers a complete and comprehensive overview of the two main contracts, the Red and the Yellow book, but also provides a comfortable learning process, avoiding travel costs and lengthy absences from the workplace.

The virtual platform is provided by Podio and running on Adobe Connect. Participation requires candidates to be seated at a computer with an internet connection, either at the workplace or at home. Work assignments may be undertaken at any time. Lectures and classroom participation mean being available at predetermined hours. The timing for sessions will depend on the various time zones of participants.

The programme comprises 9 two-hour sessions over a period of five months, commencing at the end of February 2013.