Reyes Juárez del Angel (Mexico), Board Member




Dr. Juárez is Chairman and CEO of FOA Consulting, a Mexican company specialized in APPs projects. FOA was the first firm worldwide certified in the BIMS System by FIDIC in 2001. Dr. Juárez was President of CNEC Mexico from 2007 to 2010, and currently is President of FEPAC.

He has 36 years of professional experience in projects in Mexico and Latin America, taking care of clients from public and private areas, governmental agencies and multilateral bank (IBRD & IADB). He is and advocate of QBS & FIMS; and the need of encouraging a structured process to prepare projects in the integral circle of life with sustainability and social responsiveness, combining public and private resources.

He is convinced that FIDIC can contribute a lot more in this regard. He has been linked with FIDIC in the last 17 years and representing FEPAC since 2007 at FIDIC forums, contributing to having closer relationships.


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