FIDIC was proud to launch officially the much anticipated 2017 FIDIC Suite of Contracts at the FIDIC International Users' conference in London in December 2017. This event celebrated a defining moment for the global construction industry involved with FIDIC. A record 320 experts from 35 countries joined the lively discussions to gain understanding of the new suite's capabilities in managing major projects and resolving disputes. This edition succeeds the previous Rainbow suite of contracts and continues to serve as the pre-eminent standard form contracts between the employers and the contractors in the international scene of construction and engineering projects.
The SOE Principles are aligned to the Business Principles for Countering Bribery, first published in 2003 as an initiative of Transparency International and now in a third edition. The Business Principles have shown how voluntary codes can contribute to change, not only by affecting the behaviour of businesses but also by having a significant influence throughout the world on the development of anti-bribery laws, codes and tools. Transparency International looks forward to the SOE Principles having the same impact on governments, SOE and their stakeholders.
The FIDIC online training programme is organised over two semesters: the first semester starts in February and the second in September every year. The online courses provided by FIDIC are: the Module 0 on Client/Consultant Agreement, the Module 1, the Module 1 Advanced, the Module 2 on Claims and Disputes, the Module 3 on DABs, the Module 4 on FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration and the YPMTP for Young Professionals. Each of these modules may be attended separately.
The FIDIC Group of African Member Associations (GAMA) supports the regional activities of FIDIC's national Member Associations and Associate Members.
FIDIC supports key areas of the consulting engineering industry by broadening representation and enhancing the industry's profile. FIDIC activities in some regions are coordinated with the help of regional groupings of national member associations. FIDIC associations in the Asia-Pacific region are grouped together in ASPAC.