We are pleased to announce the next FIDIC International Users' conference to take place in London in December 2017. The official launch of the much anticipated 2017 FIDIC Suite of Contracts will be the highlight at our next conference in London. A defining moment for the global construction industry involved with FIDIC. Join the discussions and gain understanding of the new suite's capabilities in managing major projects and resolving disputes.
The FIDIC online training programme is organised over two semesters: the first semester starts in February and the second in September every year. The online courses provided by FIDIC are: the Module 0 on Client/Consultant Agreement, the Module 1, the Module 1 Advanced, the Module 2 on Claims and Disputes, the Module 3 on DABs, the Module 4 on FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration and the YPMTP for Young Professionals. Each of these modules may be attended separately.