In September 2016 FIDIC is launching a complete online training programme: starting from the basic Module 1 toward the modules 2, 3 and 4. The programme consists of four modules, each of these may be attended separately. A 15% DISCOUNT IS APPLIED IF YOU REGISTER TO THE ENTIRE PROGRAMME!
The "ABC for Sustainable Cities" aims to bring clarity on the concepts related to urban sustainability by collecting definitions from internationally recognized sources, and to support dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders, by providing a reference tool easily accessible by a technical and non-technical audience. The publication does not provide globally agreed definitions, but compiles the existing ones, which may continue to evolve over time and with the input of relevant stakeholders.
Prague, 16 March 2016. Following a long process of non-state actor engagement through 26 Urban Thinkers Campuses in the past 8 months (Read: Urban Thinkers Campuses an unprecedented global consultation towards TCWN 2.0), the World Urban Campaign Steering Committee gathered in Prague/Czech Republic, parallel to the Habitat III Regional Meeting for Europe, to adopt PDF icon The City We Need TCWN 2.0 (DOWNLOAD HERE!).
Strong Growth Anticipated Globally and in U.S. Green Building Market, but Nation Lags Globally in Measuring the Benefits of Building Green
FIDIC is excited to be present at the 50th anniversary celebration of Association of Consulting Engineers of Zambia (ACEZ). FIDIC Executive Committee Vice President, Exaud Mushi, will be delivering a key note speech at the event.