For a second successive year, Nelson Ogunshakin is included in a high-profile list of ethnic minority leaders.
FIDIC’s members took centre stage in Mexico City to offer views on the organisation’s activities and strategic direction.
FIDIC’s annual international infrastructure conference is taking place in Mexico over the next four days.
The Philippines Department of Trade and Industry has signed an agreement to train government engineers and other construction professionals in the use of FIDIC contracts.
Landmark moment for FIDIC and the construction industry in China


Aisha Gilani

Head of Marketing and Communications

Aisha is FIDIC’s head of marketing and communications and oversees the development and establishment of a marketing and communications strategy to support the strategic goals, priorities and project plans of FIDIC. She leads the organisation’s marketing and communications group and ensures the provision of an all-round communications service to enable FIDIC to communicate effectively with members, the media and all other key stakeholders.

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Andy Walker

FIDIC’s Communications Consultant

Andy is FIDIC’s communications consultant and assists the organisation on press, media relations and communications issues, reporting to the head of marketing and communications. Andy is also the editor of FIDIC’s Contract Users’ Newsletter.

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