Accredited Trainers

FIDIC International Accredited Trainers are authorised by FIDIC to hold training seminars, courses and workshops. They are experienced international consultants, who know the FIDIC Contracts and FIDIC Business Practices and their application to international projects.

FIDIC International Accredited Trainers

The benefits for FIDIC International Accredited Trainers:

  • promoted as “accredited by FIDIC”;
  • authorised to sign an attendance certificate as “FIDIC Accredited Trainer”; 
  • authorised to incorporate text and artwork from FIDIC documents in presentation overheads and training materials;
  • informed on a regular basis of new developments in FIDIC; 
  • given priority by FIDIC when requests are received for in-house training;
  • benefits from FIDIC’s administrative procedures where FIDIC finalises discussions on fees and expenses including the invoicing to the event organiser with immediate payment to the accredited trainer;
  • if an accredited trainer is engaged in a public training event or a public training programme organised by a national Member Association or in partnership with the association, the event or programme can be announced as a FIDIC accredited event or programme, provided FIDIC agrees to the format and content. Such events or training programmes are authorised to use the FIDIC logo on promotional material and certificates of attendance.

Through its Trainers Assessment Panel, FIDIC organises a list of accredited trainers and encourages the FIDIC Member Associations to nominate candidates for assessment. To apply for assessment, please see the instructions below.

List of FIDIC Accredited Trainers

Persons who have successfully completed a FIDIC Accreditation Assessment are entered on the list of FIDIC Accredited Trainers for three years.

FIDIC Accredited Trainers List : Accredited_Trainers_list.pdf

The requirements for a FIDIC International Accredited Trainer comprise:

  • well spoken;
  • has extensive knowledge of FIDIC procedures and best practices;
  • is fluent, and able to train, in English;
  • is competent and committed;
  • has international project experience;
  • is an engineer, or at least a related professional;
  • is available for training;
  • has no conflict of interest;
  • is specialised in the field of training;
  • has attended at least one FIDIC course covering the FIDIC training module envisaged for the trainer;
  • is professionally active;
  • is committed to a regular review;
  • is engaged in the development programme that involves pre-assessment, assessment, followed by mentoring in public training events;
  • is or will become a FIDIC Affiliate Member;
  • trains exclusively under FIDIC's authorisation and agreement when delivering FIDIC training modules;
  • involves the local Member Association in the event organisation, if an interest is expressed;
  • signs an agreement with FIDIC for each event to establish the financial terms and conditions.

Application Procedures 

FIDIC organises  "Trainers Assessment Workshops" to assess candidates. The selection of candidates is based on practical FIDIC experience, training experience and knowledge of FIDIC Contracts and Modules. 

It has been decided that during 2013 no assessment workshop will take place. Dates and venue for the 2014 workshop: to be advised.

The qualification criteria for applying to become a FIDIC Accredited Trainer include the following:

  • applicants are invited by FIDIC or recommended by a local Member Association or an Accredited Training Supplier; 
  • applicants should send their complete application to the FIDIC Secretariat;
  • applicants must demonstrate practical FIDIC experience in international projects, extensive knowledge of the main FIDIC contracts and confirmed past training experience.

Based on the outcome of the assessment, FIDIC may offer a Mentoring Process for participation in training courses, mentored by an International Accredited Trainer on the specific training module.

FIDIC authorises access to the relevant FIDIC training module materials (course notes, module chapters of the relevant training manual, a base set of slides and a programme outline for the training course) to be transfered, if necessary, to the Candidate.

The Candidate submits any proposed modifications to the course notes and the base set of slides to FIDIC. It is allowed to adapt the training material to the local context. FIDIC reserves the rights to integrate the modified content into the official FIDIC training material.

If not yet a member of FIDIC, the Accredited Trainers shall apply for FIDIC membership as an Affiliate Member, paying the annual membership fee.    
Transfer of training materials

Training modules for the events are taken from the FIDIC Contracts and Agreements Training Manual and the FIDIC Business Practice Training Manual. 

Accredited trainers need to acquire access to approved training materials. All FIDIC training courses are based on training modules.

A training module comprises:

  • manual chapter text for scope that serves as course notes; 
  •  programme outline; 
  • presentation slides;
  • cases studies/worked examples with description

Further information
For further information, please contact Silvia Fossati, FIDIC Training Manager, or François Baillon, FIDIC Commercial Director,