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The GAMA Conference is the biggest annual networking for Consulting Engineers in Africa. It is a forum where Consultants, Government Officials, Private Investors, Construction Equipment and Material Suppliers and other stakeholders in the Engineering Consultancy Industry, from the public and private sectors, share and exchange ideologies and methodologies for the provision of services in engineering field. The Group of FIDIC Member Associations in Africa organises the annual FIDIC GAMA Conference, the major regional event of the consulting engineering industry in the continent. We invite you to look at the information below and participate in future events.


FIDIC GAMA 2019 Conference, Kampala, Uganda (12-15 May)


The FIDIC-GAMA Annual Conference is one of the biggest networking events for African engineers. It provides a forum for consulting engineers, contractors, government officials, state-owned entities, funding agencies, suppliers of construction equipment and materials, investors and other stakeholders in the built-environment from the public and private sectors to share ideologies and methodologies for the better provision of services in the engineering field. The conference also provides opportunities to learn from each other effective ways of dealing with diverse challenges in order to achieve value for money and improving quality of life of the people. The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers (UACE) will be organizing the 26th Annual FIDIC-GAMA Conference in Kampala at the Kampala Serena Hotel. The conference will connect leading global players and partners in the Infrastructure and consulting engineering sector to create innovative sustainable solutions and business opportunities. The three-day FIDIC-GAMA Conference will take place from 12th -15th May, 2019 and will bring together over 300 delegates from across Africa and the rest of the world under the theme: “The Role of Consulting Engineers in Driving Growth in African Economies”.



"The Role of Consulting Engineers in Driving Growth in African Economies"


• Regional infrastructural projects as a catalyst for economic development

• Smart and resilient infrastructure for sustainable development

• Best practices to enhance sustainability in engineering design and implementation

• Professional ethics, Social responsibility and gender considerations in modern infrastructure projects execution

• Emerging approaches to infrastructure development: Public-Private-Partnership arrangements



Prospective authors are however, also invited to submit papers outside the listed topics, if their topics are within the general scope of the Conference - The Role of Consulting Engineers in Driving Growth in African Economies

Please click on the link below if you wish to participate in the conference as a speaker.

 Call for Papers and Paper template