Member Benefits

Member Benefits

FIDIC is a forum - a unique one - designed to represent the voice and strength of consulting Engineers from across the world, that has around 1.5 million Consulting Engineering professionals (in Sept 2013) and is growing. FIDIC caters to the varied interests of the Global Consulting Industry through its tiered membership structure and enhances its presence in various countries by bringing into its membership fold, national associations, individual companies, groups of firms and through a stringent and careful screening.

FIDIC represents the Consulting Engineering industry at the global arena through a single window and conveys a unified message. It enjoys a position of influence with the government and decision makers of various countries and enjoys the reputation of a leader representative of the Consulting Engineering community. FIDIC enjoys access to development aid agencies and other international organisations and have a say in their policies and methods of procuring consulting engineering services.

 FIDIC offers its members involvement in the Sustainable Development of the World through its consistent and focused efforts. It directly supports its membership in influencing country specific goals.

Standard Contracts 

FIDIC’s extensive work on Contract Documents is well known, and these documents set the global standards promoted for use by the World. The Documents are periodically revised to maintain their dynamism. Such revisions are done with the active participation of FIDIC’s members. 

Apart from the Contract Documents, there exists a wealth of knowledge and experience resting in its huge collection of books, publications and guides available for sale. FIDIC offers discounts to its Members on these publications.

The knowledge base provides access to privileged information such as management procedures, and procurement methods in other markets.

Training and Seminars

FIDIC offers training on Contract Documents and other subjects through accredited trainers, and each country can mix and choose the modules that closely match with their country’s business environment.

FIDIC runs numerous trainings, conferences, seminars around the world which provide extensive networking opportunities for the members to understand the potential of new markets as well as interact with other members. These events are a window to latest trends and changes in business practices and client demands around the world.


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Read about all FIDIC Membership Categories and Benefits in the FIDIC Membership Brochure in PDF format. You can download the brochure via this link PDF

Different categories of FIDIC Members (Associations; Associates; Affiliates) enjoy different benefits. A comparison is available in a PDF format which you can download via this link PDF