FIDIC Future Leaders

The FIDIC Future Leaders is the group of young professionals of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). It was formed in 2004 with the intention of providing YPs with the opportunity to participate actively in FIDIC with their peers and to develop the next generation of consulting engineering industry leaders. As a leadership committee, the Future Leaders Steering Committee (FLSC) was formed to develop communication and networking opportunities for all FLs involved in the FIDIC community.

Promoting the participation of young professionals in the consulting engineering industry's activities.

YPFSC Members

The Young Professionals Forum (YPF) is managed by the YPF Steering Committee (YPFSC), to know more details about YPFSC members please click here.

YPFSC Vision:  To promote and empower YPs within the FIDIC Community to participate effectively in shaping the future of the Consulting Engineering Industry.

YPFSC Mission:  To provide YPs with a real space and platform to influence the strategies, policies and initiatives of FIDIC and society, by promoting the active participation in YPF to all Member Associations (MAs) of FIDIC, through a variety of initiatives and activities such as forums, events, webinars and communication channels.

YPF Business Plan (BP)

The FIDIC YPF Business Plan is approved by FIDC EC for the purpose of providing the full details for the vision, mission, goal, objectives, values, activities, etc… of the YPF Community, in addition to document all basic information that is needed to map out a strategy to focus actions. You can find it here.

YPF Reference Document Guideline (YPF RD)

The FIDIC YPF Reference Document is a Guideline to assist FIDIC Member Associations (MAs) in establishing a Young Professional Forum (YPF), and providing inspiration to existing YPs for continued development. The first edition of this Guide was issued in September 2013. You can find the fourth eddition here.

Call for new FIDIC YPF Steering Committee members 2018/2019

The FIDIC Young Professionals Forum Steering Committee (YPFSC) is now accepting member nominations for 2018-2019.

For more information about YPFSC activities, YPF Business Plan, Selection Process, Nomination form, etc. please visit //YPF

The deadline for the submission of nominations is 10th December 2018 (Extended from 1st December 2018).

Please find the application form here.

Announcement of FIDIC Young Professionals Award 2018 (Closed)

FIDIC YPFSC is pleased to announce the launch of FIDIC Young Professionals Award. This award, which is open to all young professionals aged 40 years and under who are working for firms in the membership of FIDIC.

The purpose of this award is to highlight the talent of next generation leaders in the consultancy engineering industry across the world, and at encourage effective participation of YPs within FIDIC for maintaining of the sustainable development of the industry. For the full details check the YPF Business Plan 

YPF Publications

Main YP Publications are as below:

  • 1st YPs Booklet "Reflection of the YPs": It is a summary of the main YPs papers that were received as a result of the call for papers process, which was initiated, announced and managed by YPFSC for all YPs worldwide to select the best papers to be presented here at the Jakarta conference during both the YP Open Forum and the 1st International YPs Symposium Sessions. In addition to other important papers and schedule for YPs activities.
  • Young Professionals Management Training Programme’s (YPMTP) Survey Report : YPFSC, YPMTP mentors, FIDIC secretariat and CBC have prepared a survey for the purpose of gaining feedback from current and previous participants in the YPMTP and finding opportunities to improve the programme if required.This survey differed from previous surveys in that this version focussed on more long term answers from previous participants, as well as including current and recent participants. 91 responses were collected, which represent about 16% of the total YPMTP attendees (565 since 2004) from 32 countries.
  • BIM Use Survey’s Report : YPFSC and FIDIC Risk and Quality  Committee (R&Q) have prepared an online survey for the purpose of understanding the scale of use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Engineering Industry. 85 responses from 32 countries were collected within one month and presented in FIDIC 2017 annual conference in Jakarta.

YPFSC Sub-committees

YPFSC is working actively to acheive its goals through several sub-committees as below:


FIDIC YPFSC 2016-2017 Initiatives/ Committees

Champion Name



Wafaa Balla Beshir Ahmed


Social Media

Wafaa Balla Beshir Ahmed


Cooperation CC/FIDIC Contracts Statistic

Adam Bialachowski


YPF Website

Hugh Tait


YPs Database

Yukiko Itami


Berlin Conference 2018 - YPs Program and Sessions

Jomanah Albtoush


Webinar Program

Cosmin Tobolcea


YPF Reference Document

Rafat Al Bouri


Cooperation with YPMTP Mentors/YPMTP Support

Michael Walker


Latin American YPF Development

Rodrigo Juarez



Takashi Matsuo



Jeshika Ramchund



Lyubomir Petrov


YPs Awards

Cory Wilson


Appreciation Letters

Jennifer Ogazie



Adam Bialachowski


World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO)

Jeshika Ramchund


FIDIC Knowledge Sharing (MA, MF)

Eleonora Smargiassi


Cooperation RQLC

Jomanah Albtoush


YPs Conference Booklet  Adam Bialachowski 


Survey About YPs Program in Jakata 2017 

Jomanah Albtoush 


FIDIC Conferences Participants Evaluation Committee 

Kaveh Heshmati 


 Awareness About FIDIC

Awab Abdelrazag Elameer 


General Support FIDICs Committees 

Rafat Al Bouri 


Ideas for FIDIC Attendance 

Oluwaseyi Adedeji Adesina 


Conference Advisory Committee for Berlin Support 

Jeshika Ramchund 


Mentorship Program 

Joseph Declan Nolan 


Cooperation BPC/Technology Task Force 

Cory Wilson 


 YPFSC Alumni

Lyubomir Petrov 



Jomanah Albtoush 


YPFSC 2018 Members  Jomanah Albtoush 


YPF Business Plan 2017  Jomanah Albtoush 


Cooperation SDC/COP 

Nguyen Nam Trung 

YPF Newsletter

The YPF Newsletter started its journey in 2007 and continues its mission to create a real bridge between all YPs worldwide, a bridge that channels YPs ideas, interests, activities, growth, cultures & achievements. To see full details of all pprevious issues and to keep up-to-date on the latest YPF newsletter, please click here.  

YPF Newsletter is the young voice!

YPFSC Chairs and Members Details since 2004

Year YPFSC Chair/ Country Members No.
2004-2006   Kunji Akinaga /Japan  5
2007-2008 Richard Stump/ USA  9
2009 Alex Eyquem/ UK 10
2010 Nader Shokoufi/ Iran 12
2011-2012 Michele Kruger/ South Africa 15
2013-2014 Selena Wilson/ Canada 20
2015-2016 Manochener Azizi/ Iran  20
2017-now Jomanah AlBtoush/ Jordan 31-24

National Member Association YP Forums

Several FIDIC Member Associations operate Young Professionals Forums. Activities include: coordination; exchange programmes; online discission forums; board and committee participation; in-company young professional groups; facilitation for overseas projects.

The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate

The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC) is a seven-month interactive training programme in business practice for future line managers, see Future Leaders Management Certificate.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or suggestions for FIDIC YPFSC, please send to [email protected]